After This Tax Season, are You Considering a Tax Preparation Franchise?

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  Tax season is a challenge for just about all accounting and tax professionals. A flood of work comes in all at once and, even though it’s anticipated, somehow we can never fully prepare for every situation, problem and emergency that floats our way during these months. As you ease out of tax season, you may be tempted to return to business as usual, but it’s smart to take time periodically to evaluate your firm’s performance. Consider the recurring problems you deal with year after year — documents arriving late, forms getting lost — and unique or particularly tough problems you...

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Why Our Tax and Accounting Franchise Offers More Than Other Business Assistance Options

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If you’ve been searching for resources to help you advance your small business tax accounting services, you might find that many options come up short. Professional publications, government websites and the World Wide Web can only take you so far, as these sources are limited in their ability to hone in on your specific problems and needs as a small business tax accountant. Those who join the Business Growth Program for Tax and Accounting Professionals offered by PADGETT BUSINESS SERVICES® have at their disposal a whole suite of support services curated specifically for their needs. Read on...

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Small Business Accountants Benefit From Our Tax Business Services

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As a tax and accounting professional, you’re the person your clients turn to for expert advice. They expect you to possess a depth of knowledge and the drive to stay abreast of the latest changes in tax and accounting law. That’s not always realistic for a small accounting firm. You’re inundated with managing office operations and trying to keep up with your work demand — when can you set aside time to learn all the intricacies of tax law? If you’re struggling to keep up with changes or dealing with unfamiliar territory, you can find relief by taking advantage of the PADGETT BUSINESS...

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What’s Holding You Back From Modernizing Your Accounting Practice?

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The old saying goes that two things in life are inevitable — death and taxes. As accounting pros who are intimately familiar with taxes, we get a little chuckle out of this. Something can be added to this list of inevitabilities, however, and that thing is change.   No matter how much we fear it or avoid it, change happens all around us, all the time. As many of us have become advisors to our small business clients, we always recommend they stay on top of changes, whether related to finances or other industry pressures. Though we excel at advising our clients about change, we in the...

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How to Deal With Changes in Accounting

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Accountants are no strangers to change. Though addition and subtraction never change, small business CPAs deal with shifts in business practices and tax regulations all the time. New laws and new clients bring unseen challenges, and CPAs routinely use their ingenuity and training to overcome these business hurdles. Rapid-fire technology changes Like many industries, the world of small business tax accounting services has changed dramatically with the introduction of software and hardware technologies. These new technologies allow us to do our jobs quicker and more accurately than ever...

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3 Things Accountants and Tax Professionals Should Stop Doing

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After earning a graduate degree in accounting, you landed your dream job as an accountant or tax professional. Since this momentous occasion, you’ve worked hard and accomplished much. However, you often wonder if anything is holding you back from becoming even more successful in your chosen career field. You wonder, “How can I grow my accounting practice?” Consider the following three things accountants and tax professionals should stop doing now to benefit their accounting business services. Stop Calling Yourself ‘Boring’ When meeting new people, do you often act the part of the boring...

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