Benefits of Converting to PADGETT BUSINESS SERVICES

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There’s no question about it — you have worked hard to build your business. But, in a $92 billion industry, that is constantly changing, it’s hard to keep up. In order to stay relevant and compete with the growing world of accounting and tax services, you need to be able to operate efficiently and plan effectively.

computer keyboard with Convert buttonThat’s where PADGETT BUSINESS SERVICES can help.

With streamlined client focus, top-of-the-line technologies and unmatched industry experience PADGETT BUSINESS SERVICES is a leader in the tax and accounting industry and we’re opening up the opportunity for you to join the Padgett community with our Business Growth Program for Professionals.

If that’s not enough to convince you, here are three other reasons why you should convert your tax and accounting business to PADGETT BUSINESS SERVICES today!


Rather than controlling your business, PADGETT BUSINESS SERVICES will allow you to retain much of your business’ independence and identity while we provide you with a fully-supported network of established strategies and expertise. Our Business Growth Program for Professionals is not designed to change everything about your business — our goal is to help you make your tax and accounting business better!

Client Acquisition Strategies

Tax and Accounting strategies and tools developed in our 50-years of industry experience will give you the ability to attract new clients while you maintain and even improve the quality of work you provide to them.

Industry Support and Compliance

PADGETT BUSINESS SERVICES – Small Biz Pro’s, supports all of our affiliates with a deep tax knowledge that allows you to maintain changes in code and regulations and, most importantly, remain compliant. Padgett’s ample history, experience and credibility within the industry provides you with state-of-the-art technology and business building tools.

So, align yourself with Padgett today to leverage our unmatched knowledge base, build on our unrivaled credibility and use it all to your advantage as you take your accounting business to new heights.

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