3 Things Accountants and Tax Professionals Should Stop Doing

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After earning a graduate degree in accounting, you landed your dream job as an accountant or tax professional. Since this momentous occasion, you’ve worked hard and accomplished much. However, you often wonder if anything is holding you back from becoming even more successful in your chosen career field. You wonder, “How can I grow my accounting practice?” Consider the following three things accountants and tax professionals should stop doing now to benefit their accounting business services.

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Stop Calling Yourself ‘Boring’

When meeting new people, do you often act the part of the boring number-cruncher? Don’t apologize for your job. Doing so merely undermines both yourself and the core values of your chosen career. Take pride in who you are and what you accomplish on a daily basis. Whenever someone disparages your career as boring, educate him or her about what you really do. For instance, you might explain how you don’t sit behind a desk all day burning up a calculator.

Instead, you may spend many of your days consulting with and gathering information from clients at their places of business to offer support for account professional services. It’s a great way to get new clients, and grow your accounting or tax practice. Allow PADGETT BUSINESS SERVICES to help you manage technology and business-building tools by providing you guidance with our Business Growth Program for Tax and Accounting Professionals.


Stop Devaluing Your Work

Do you have a habit of devaluing your work? Perhaps, you routinely underbid your services when contracting with new clients. Or, when explaining to someone what you do, you might shrug off your job duties as unimportant when compared to someone in another profession such as a doctor, a teacher or high-profile professional. Repeatedly devaluing your work might prevent you from growing your accounting practice or tax practice, and attaining your ultimate career goals. This habit might also cause bitterness if you feel like you’re not making the salary you hope for.


Stop Opposing Change

If you fight change, you’ll hinder your growth as an accountant. In your field of study, laws will change and new regulations will be created. The industry will develop new timesaving technology. Embrace the changing landscape instead of opposing it. Reading accounting and tax journals and attending conferences to continually reeducate yourself about changes, and eventually grow your accounting or tax practice.


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