Dissecting Presidential Tax Policies — What Should You Expect

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PADGETT BUSINESS SERVICES® President and COO Roger Harris is an expert in a number of tax-related things — he’s testified on IRS reform and Budgets, Tax Filing Season Issues, Tax Reform and current and proposed Small Business Tax and Compliance issues; has offered testimony to the Senate and House Small Business Committees and the House Ways and Means Committee and the IRS Oversight Board; been recognized as the Small Business Administration’s Small Business Advocate of the Year for Georgia; and has been named to Accounting Today’s Top 100 Most Influential People in consecutive years.

Because of his extensive expertise, Roger is called upon often to provide his valuable insight to a number of topics and causes. This year’s presidential election has been no different.

Roger provided a detailed analysis of the two proposed tax reform policies offered by presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in a piece with CPA Magazine. In the piece, Roger discusses what these policies will mean for members of the accounting industry, but comes back to a thought he’s expressed consistently.

To read Roger’s full analysis of the presidential tax policies, visit CPA Magazine today!

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