Small Business Accountants Benefit From Our Tax Business Services

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As a tax and accounting professional, you’re the person your clients turn to for expert advice. They expect you to possess a depth of knowledge and the drive to stay abreast of the latest changes in tax and accounting law. That’s not always realistic for a small accounting firm. You’re inundated with managing office operations and trying to keep up with your work demand — when can you set aside time to learn all the intricacies of tax law?

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If you’re struggling to keep up with changes or dealing with unfamiliar territory, you can find relief by taking advantage of the PADGETT BUSINESS SERVICES® Franchise Business Growth Program for Tax and Accounting Professionals. Our unique program offers a host of support services that allows small business accountants to solve more problems, answer more questions, widen their customer base and, most importantly, have the confidence that they can tackle any tax problem that comes their way.


Support center for tax and accounting professionals

The cornerstone of the Padgett Business Growth Program is our Tax Support Center. Staffed by knowledgeable and experienced professionals, our tax support help desk is designed to help you answer questions and research difficult or complex tax issues. When you submit a request for assistance through our Padget Assist platform, our team will either know the answer and reply right away, or they will research the problem and deliver you the solution.

Our Tax Support Center provides unmatched access to industry professionals who understand the urgency of responding to a client quickly and the importance of being absolutely accurate. Consultation with the experts at our Tax Support Center could save you from embarrassing mistakes and possible IRS penalties levied against your clients that you might end up paying.

And though accounting professionals in our program can use the Padget Assist portal to get questions answered electronically, they also have the freedom to pick up the phone and talk out their problem with a live tax support representative. We know tax questions can’t wait, and we try to get them answered as quickly as possible. The Tax Support Center is dedicated to this sole task — helping accounting professionals within our network with their tax questions and problems.


Tax business services that fit seamlessly into your operation

In addition to being a communications portal, Padget Assist also offers a wealth of information via a library of articles, surveys, IRS notices and other materials that offer data and insights regarding the small business tax and accounting world. Tax professionals within our program can search through hundreds of files to learn about myriad subject matter. Padget Assist collects information and news that is otherwise scattered across many sources — the IRS website, association publications, industry journals and other media.

PADGETT BUSINESS SERVICES also offers ongoing classes and webinars, along with an regular regional meetings where we host sessions on relevant tax and accounting topics. Tax professionals learn how to improve their businesses, gaining from our more than 50 years of experience, and may even gain Continuing Professional Education credits in the process. They also have an opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals to share information, best practices and even “war” stories.

This connection with other small business and tax accountants becomes invaluable for those within our system. A sense of camaraderie and community is built, and it’s reassuring to have support from an entire network of professionals.


Learn more about our program for tax and accounting professionals

At PADGETT BUSINESS SERVICES, the aim of our Business Growth Program for Tax and Accounting Professionals is to help you stay informed, and support and enhance the good work you’re already doing. To find out more about this Tax and Accounting Professionals Opportunity, request more information about our program, and contact us at (866) 729-8725 or

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