Why Our Tax and Accounting Franchise Offers More Than Other Business Assistance Options

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If you’ve been searching for resources to help you advance your small business tax accounting services, you might find that many options come up short. Professional publications, government websites and the World Wide Web can only take you so far, as these sources are limited in their ability to hone in on your specific problems and needs as a small business tax accountant.

Those who join the Business Growth Program for Tax and Accounting Professionals offered by PADGETT BUSINESS SERVICES® have at their disposal a whole suite of support services curated specifically for their needs. Read on to discover why no other support option can compete with the Padgett Business Growth Program.


Better than an association membership for tax and accounting professionals

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Professional associations are wonderful outlets for professional networking opportunities and developing camaraderie with others in the industry. Their publications, websites and workshops also do a good job of covering tax and accounting issues on a very general level. Unfortunately, because accounting professional organizations seek to serve a wide range of membership in every facet of the industry, they fail to directly address specific aspects of small business accounting and tax preparation.

PADGETT BUSINESS SERVICES focuses specifically on small business clients, so our tax professionals have a deep understanding of the issues facing small business accountants on a daily basis. Those who become part of our Business Growth Program have access to experienced tax and accounting professionals who can answer questions and help solve problems. Additionally, we host educational gatherings that explore topics related to small business accounting and tax services.


Better than counting on the IRS for small business tax accounting questions

Dealing with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service is certainly something to which we’re accustomed, so it intimidates us much less than most people. However, the bureaucratic agency is not focused on customer service, nor is it particularly tech-savvy. Getting the right answer from the IRS could require multiple phone calls, lost time and a lot of frustration.

When members of the Padgett Business Growth Program call our Tax Service Center for help, they’ll work with likeminded tax professionals who are on their side. They listen closely to each issue and draw upon their collective knowledge to forge a path toward a solution.


Better than the Web or using a small business accounting software alone

We Google everything nowadays. However, when it comes to tax and accounting questions specific to a small business-related issue, a web search won’t suffice. First, it’s not always easy to find information that relates directly to your situation. Even if you find articles or posts that seem relevant, you always have to question the source of the information. Info passed along online has the potential for being errant, misguided, outdated or out-and-out deceptive.

Small business accounting software programs that are available to most firms can guide them through some issues, but their scope is limited. Members of the Padgett Small Business tax and accounting franchise program have access to an online portal through which they can access a wealth of reliable, current information that we maintain and update for easy reference. Also, we have access to an extensive small business accounting software that can be used in combination with the other resources we offer for an integrated overall experience. Have more questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Find out more about how the PADGETT BUSINESS SERVICES Franchise Business Growth Program can help you stay on top of the latest small business tax and accounting issues. Contact us today at (866) 729-8725 or info@SmallBizPros.com.

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