After This Tax Season, are You Considering a Tax Preparation Franchise?

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Tax season is a challenge for just about all accounting and tax professionals. A flood of work comes in all at once and, even though it’s anticipated, somehow we can never fully prepare for every situation, problem and emergency that floats our way during these months.

As you ease out of tax season, you may be tempted to return to business as usual, but it’s smart to take time periodically to evaluate your firm’s performance. Consider the recurring problems you deal with year after year — documents arriving late, forms getting lost — and unique or particularly tough problems you encountered this year — tough legal and reconciliation issues or payment collection delays.

All agencies struggle with these issues, but you can ease their impact by joining an accounting franchise like the Business Growth Program for Tax and Accounting Professionals offered by PADGETT BUSINESS SERVICES.


Keep things better organized with a bookkeeping franchise

If your office has been a flurry of papers and file folders for the last several weeks, it’s time to consider upgrading your tax and accounting software. Members of the Business Growth Program have access to an exclusive license for cloud-based accounting software that can greatly reduce the amount of hard copy you need to keep around the office, and also speed up your delivery times.

Using our Internet-connected secure software, you can send and receive client documents electronically, eliminating the need to send many things via mail or have them hand-delivered. No more searching around for last year’s documents or a misplaced forms. All a client’s documents are stored and organized for easy access.

With faster document transmission, you get more work done in a shorter period of time, a major benefit of our tax preparation franchise.


A tax preparation franchise that helps you address questions and problems

During tax season, problems pop up out of nowhere, and accountants may be left facing a foreign issue with a client desperate for help. Who did you turn to for help during tax season? Maybe you reached out to others in the profession or you went online in search of answers. Chances are, those sources were, at best, unreliable, and at worst, led you to inaccurate information.

The Business Growth Program from PADGETT BUSINESS SERVICES provides members access to learning resources and live help for questions and dilemmas. Members of our accounting franchise program can call our Tax Support Center with any question or confounding issue they encounter. An experienced tax professional invested in their success will work to answer the problem accurately and efficiently.


An accounting franchise can end the struggle to get payments

Even when tax season is over for your clients, it’s not over for you. After the rewarding surge of work subsides, your next task begins — securing payment from your clients. This can be awkward, time-consuming work that keeps you from completing other tasks and projects or securing new clients. Also, many accountants don’t properly price their services, leading to lost revenue.

Those who invest in our Business Growth Program tax preparation franchise will learn how to more appropriately price their services for the modern marketplace, and the best methods for collection. Correct pricing strategy is an often overlooked part of our industry that those in the PADGETT BUSINESS SERVICES accounting franchise system can get help to rectify.
Contact PADGETT BUSINESS SERVICES to learn more about our Business Growth Program opportunity for Tax and Accounting Professionals, and make next year’s tax season more efficient. Call us at (866) 729-8725 or email

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