About Our Tax & Accounting Franchise Business Growth Program

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Forge Your Path to Growth Through the Padgett Accounting Franchise

In the business of accounting and tax preparation, no agency or professional can afford to become complacent. Rather, you must continue to learn and adapt to the needs of your clients and the demands of the marketplace. PADGETT BUSINESS SERVICES®, a leader in small business tax and accounting services, offers the Business Growth Program for CPAs, EAs and tax professionals to help them do more to satisfy their clients’ needs, remain viable in the industry and, ultimately, grow their business.

Through the Padgett accounting franchise, small and medium firms take advantage of the wealth of knowledge and experience we have developed over more than 50 years. We combine the power of the latest software technology with the insights of our outstanding staff members and a library of information to support our bookkeeping franchise owners to know more and do more.


What you receive as a Padgett accounting franchise owner

The Padgett Business Growth Program for CPAs, EAs and tax professionals provides the following tools:

  • Counsel from Padgett professionals about difficult business issues and growth strategies
  • The Padgett Tax Support Center, a dedicated group of learned staff available to answer tax questions, research issues and assist with tax planning
  • Access to the extensive Padgett library of tax and business services information
  • Use of our advanced cloud-based small business accounting software
  • Regular sessions for networking and continuing education
  • Established connections to Congressional leaders and IRS officials to keep you and your business informed of industry issues


This program gives CPAs, EAs and tax professionals the modern tools and resources they need to expand their service offerings, but doesn’t seek to change the way they do business. Professionals who take advantage of the Padgett tax preparation franchise may choose to align themselves with the powerful Padgett brand, or maintain the same business name and corporate image they have already developed.

Likewise, they may maintain processes and services that benefit their business, while supplementing or resetting others under the Padgett plan. Our goal is to help our accounting franchise owners find growth in whatever facet of business is right for them. We respect the integrity and longevity of each professional with whom we work, and our desire is not to change what they do, but simply help them do it better.


How your business can benefit from our tax preparation franchise

Aligning your business with PADGETT BUSINESS SERVICES® through our accounting franchise provides several potential benefits:

  • Offer a greater variety of services
  • Conduct more efficient office operations
  • Answer questions and solve problems more quickly
  • Automate functions, and eliminate paper and postal costs with cloud-based software
  • More accurately price your services
  • Improve marketing to drive client growth

The PADGETT BUSINESS SERVICES bookkeeping franchise provides a great value for CPAs, EAs and tax professionals by giving them a clear path toward growth and longevity. You may be able to reduce vendor costs, and also get a more robust software that may cost less than what you are currently paying. We’re proud to help support the knowledge, proficiency and vitality of our nationwide professional tax preparation franchise community, while allowing them to maintain the independence they deserve.

Have questions about our Padgett Accounting Franchise, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

If you’re ready to learn how you and your firm can evolve through the PADGETT BUSINESS SERVICES® Business Growth Program for CPAs, EAs and tax professionals, contact us today to start the conversation. You can also call (866) 729-8725 or email us at info@SmallBizPros.com.