3 Things Accountants and Tax Professionals Should Stop Doing

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After earning a graduate degree in accounting, you landed your dream job as an accountant or tax professional. Since this momentous occasion, you’ve worked hard and accomplished much. However, you often wonder if anything is holding you back from becoming even more successful in your chosen career field. You wonder, “How can I grow my accounting practice?” Consider the following three things accountants and tax professionals should stop doing now to benefit their accounting business services. Stop Calling Yourself ‘Boring’ When meeting new people, do you often act the part of the boring...

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Overcome 3 Challenges to Grow Your Tax Business

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Ever since childhood, you’ve loved numbers. You got an accounting degree and now you’re working happily with your own tax business. It’s great to be your own boss and help your clients face-to-face. But there are challenges, too, and you’d like to grow your tax business. Here are the three toughest issues independent tax professionals deal with, and how you can get past them. Getting New Clients                     As an independent accountant, attaining new clients sometimes presents an overwhelming challenge. To accomplish this undertaking,...

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Benefits of Converting to PADGETT BUSINESS SERVICES

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There’s no question about it — you have worked hard to build your business. But, in a $92 billion industry, that is constantly changing, it’s hard to keep up. In order to stay relevant and compete with the growing world of accounting and tax services, you need to be able to operate efficiently and plan effectively. That’s where PADGETT BUSINESS SERVICES can help. With streamlined client focus, top-of-the-line technologies and unmatched industry experience PADGETT BUSINESS SERVICES is a leader in the tax and accounting industry and we’re opening up the opportunity for you to join the Padgett...

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