Epoch Times: Reform Aims to Make Tax Code Simple and Fair

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For more than nine months, President Trump and his administration have touted a reform on the American tax code that would be great for business and people alike. But, those businesses and individuals have waited nine months anticipating the announcement that tax reform is ready to move forward. On Thursday, Sept. 7, The Epoch Times, a global leader in political and business news coverage, analyzed Trump’s four-step tax reform with the help of PADGETT BUSINESS SERVICES President Roger Harris. See Roger’s take on Trump’s tax reform plan and how it will impact America’s small...

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CPA Now: Expand Your Services to Get the Most Out of Your Tax Practice

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Here at PADGETT BUSINESS SERVICES® we pride ourselves on being the Small Biz Pros — that means advising our clients on a whole lot more than just taxes. Additionally, we also advise our affiliates and fellow tax professionals on the best ways they too can become Small Biz Pros. On Wednesday, May 31, our President Roger Harris shared his expert advice and Padgett’s 50 years worth of industry knowledge in CPA Now. Read how you can improve performance and become a Small Biz Pro here!

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Padgett Training Schedule 2017

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During these power-packed two and a half days at our corporate headquarters in Athens, Georgia, you’ll be introduced to all things Padgett: Our 50+ years of history and vision for the future, our industry-leading technology, our outstanding support services, discounted product offerings, client acquisition programs, practice management coaching, as well as CPE and education opportunities for you and your staff. After orientation you’ll meet with our most senior support team members – The Quick Start Team. Together, we’ll get down to identifying your goals and designing the future...

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Accounting Today: No. 1 Reasons Why Small Business Clients Leave

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Client turnover is a reality for any small business accounting and tax firm. In order to rectify the loss of business and truly optimize an operation, it’s imperative to identify why those clients are leaving in the first place. On March 24, 2017, Sue Bosevich, vice president of support at PADGETT BUSINESS SERVICES shared her expert opinion and advice in Accounting Today. See what Sue had to share by clicking here!

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Accounting Today

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With a Donald Trump presidency, there are a lot of questions surrounding whether or not he can deliver on his campaign promises. One of those promises includes an across-the-board tax reduction that many experts anticipate will cost more to implement than can be afforded. One such expert, Roger Harris, president of PADGETT BUSINESS SERVICES, understands the difficulties of implementing a new tax code and shared his interest in the matter in Accounting Today’s “Trump’s Tax Challenge: Finding A Way to Pay for Cuts.” Check out the coverage here!

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Business News Daily

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With the election of Donald Trump, many questions surfaced about how his tax reform proposal would be implemented. Some tax professionals anticipate Trump’s tax reform proposal could be significant to monumental, especially considering Republican control in the House and Senate. On Friday, Dec. 2, Business News Daily enlisted the expertise of several tax professionals, including PADGETT BUSINESS SERVICES’ Roger Harris, to analyze how Trump’s proposal could shape the future of small business taxes. Read “Small Business Taxes: What to Expect in 2017” here!

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