Small Business Accounting Software

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Benefit From a State-of-the-Art Accounting Franchise Software

Through Padgett’s Business Growth Program for CPAs, EAs and Tax Professionals, members of our accounting franchise and affiliate group have access to a state-of-the-art tax and accounting software. Incorporating every functionality you could possibly need, this software package is entirely cloud-based, keeping your firm relevant and giving you access to the latest updates.


Offer more services through an accounting and tax preparation franchise

The software package provided to members of Padgett’s network features a breadth of accounting and tax prep functions. The extent of functionalities and forms that can found within the platform make it especially flexible. This means you can service a greater variety of clients with more accuracy and efficiency.


The bookkeeping franchise accounting software we use offers the following functions:

  • General ledger
  • Trial balance
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Financial statement reporting
  • Payroll tax compliance
  • Workflow tools to manage office operations


Our tax preparation franchise software offers the following functions:

  • Full line of federal, state and local tax programs to produce multiple types of returns
  • Automatic labeling and organizing of source information
  • Automatic data extraction from source files
  • eSignature capabilities


Integrated across multiple platforms

Implementing this software package as a Padgett affiliate allows you to synchronize data entry, automatically updating spreadsheets, forms and tables, so you don’t have to input the same information in multiple places. Also, an automatic data extraction function dramatically reduces data input time, allowing you to produce more work in less time.


Cloud-based and secure

This accounting franchise software runs on a cloud-based platform, housed online instead of on a local hard drive at your office or with your IT vendor. This means team members with access can work from any device with web access, and even collaborate on documents within a secure system. A cloud-based interface also tells clients — especially younger prospects — that your firm is relevant and willing to invest in the latest technology.


Assists to ensure compliance

Two aspects of the accounting franchise and tax preparation franchise software assist offices with compliance. First, the software possesses “fail safe” compliance tools, and flags potential issues with state and federal compliance. Secondly, because it’s cloud-based, the software is constantly updated to accommodate the constantly changing tax regulation system. If all 50 states change their tax code overnight, the software would be updated by the time you open the doors for business the next day.


Offers excellent value for small businesses

Simply stated, the cost of the software included in our accounting franchise program is so significant that small- and medium-size firms never could afford to purchase it on their own. That’s one reason Padgett’s Business Growth Program presents such a great value — accounting franchise owners can get a software platform they’ve always dreamed of, but could never afford.

This fully integrated, cloud-based software platform allows accounting franchises within the Padgett network to diversify their services, attracting new and different clients. You’ll never have to worry about upgrading the software or installing something new.

Find out more about the ways your firm can be supported by the PADGETT BUSINESS SERVICES® Business Growth Program for CPAs, EAs and Tax Professionals. If you’re ready to discuss the benefits of joining with Padgett and find out about this great small business accounting software opportunity, send us a message, email us at or call (866) 729-8725.