A Tax Preparation Franchise With an Expert Support Center

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With the expanded use of do-it-yourself individual tax preparation software , tax preparation professionals find themselves looking for new ways to stay relevant. A 2016 survey shows nearly 35% of individuals use a digital tool to file their taxes at home. Most tax professionals understand that it is becoming difficult to build or maintain a viable business based solely on individual returns.

For this reason, many tax preparation businesses are pivoting to the small business market, trying to attract clients with more frequent and complex tax needs. While they’re trying to catch up, PADGETT BUSINESS SERVICES has been providing tax and accounting services to small business clients for 50 years. We also assist our tax preparation franchise owners in attracting this clientele, helping them to offer expanded services with our Tax Support Center.


How the Tax Support Center assists Padgett tax preparation franchise owners

Staying informed of changes to small business tax law is a challenge. Decoding and communicating exactly what that means for every unique client is even more daunting. This knowledge gap can be especially limiting for self-proprietors or firms with few staff members. When a client comes to you with a question you can’t answer, where do you turn? You could go to the IRS website or do an online search, but it could take hours to find your answer — if you find the right one at all.

The Tax Support Center that Padgett’s tax preparation franchise owners use gives them a dedicated resource staffed by tax experts. Our tax prep and accounting franchise owners can request assistance from the Tax Support Center experts through the Padgett Assist portal, which also houses a trove of educational materials. Or, they can simply pick up the phone and speak to a helpful individual. If a member of the Padgett Tax Support Center can’t answer your question right away, they will research the issue, calling on the knowledge and experience of everyone on the PADGETT BUSINESS SERVICES staff.


Scenario #1

A Padgett affiliate tax preparer is working with a new client who just built a “green” office, and wants to take advantage of the associated tax benefits. The affiliate isn’t sure what’s available, so she logs into Padgett Assist and has access to valuable resources that lead her to find the answer.


Scenario #2

A client calls his Padgett tax preparation franchise owner in a panic, because he received an audit notification from the IRS. As audits may present themselves as unique issues, the Padgett affiliate turns to Padgett Assist so he or she is able to take a proactive, not a reactive approach. After reassuring the client, he calls the Padgett Tax Support Center for some information and reassurance.


With a tax preparation franchise through PADGETT BUSINESS SERVICES, you can do more for your clients and have the support to back you up. Get started on your way to a better business today!

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