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Is Your Firm Being Left Behind? Join The Padgett Accounting Franchise

As a tax and accounting professional, you know that the $92 Billion accounting services industry is immense and always evolving, with tax code and industry regulations in constant flux.

Like most professions, technological advancements have greatly altered the business landscape for those in the fields of accounting and tax preparation. Improvements in automation and digital communications have offered us easier pathways toward finding clients and fulfilling their needs.

However, CPAs, EAs and other tax and accounting professionals face challenges posed by new technologies. Namely, widely accessible desktop tax and accounting software programs, along with online do-it-yourself services, have made client retention much more difficult.

The Business Growth Program from PADGETT BUSINESS SERVICES® allows CPAs, EAs and other tax professionals to confront the challenges they face due to automation. We assist in adjusting your company culture, processes and technology to more aptly address the needs of modern clients. Our program combines the best of an accounting franchise and a tax preparation franchise. Accounting and tax professionals can offer a variety of relevant services across platforms that work more efficiently and reassure clients that they’re working with modern pros.


Focus your firm’s attention where it’s needed most

Accounting and tax preparation firms across the country have experienced a significant loss of clients requiring individual tax return filing. Software packages and online services allow people to file individual tax returns on their own, using a plug-and-proceed automation process. They input the info and the software spits out an answer. If the U.S. Tax Code is simplified, more people than ever will be completing and filing their own individual tax returns.

PADGETT BUSINESS SERVICES specializes in assisting small business clients who need help with quarterly and annual tax filings, along with other issues. We teach members of the Padgett Business Growth Program accounting franchise how to attract, service and retain small business clients. We truly believe small business accounting is the best focus for firms who seek longevity, and our tax preparation franchise can help your company transition to this new client group.


Stay relevant to a new generation

If a millennial — that’s someone born between 1983 and 2000 — contacted your firm for services, would they view your company as a modern one? In order for tax and accounting businesses to stay viable, they must appeal to a younger generation of customers, namely, the 75 million millennials in the U.S. This clientele wants to email you, fill out forms online and sign documents electronically. Firms that resist new technologies will find themselves alienating this incredibly important customer base.

By converting your business to an accounting franchise or tax preparation franchise within the Padgett Business Growth Program, you can ensure you stay at the height of the tech wave. We’ll help you implement our state-of-the-art cloud-based tax and accounting software. By doing so, you will streamline office operations and also attract clients who desire technological efficiency and convenience.


Offer expertise and business support

In many ways, tax and accounting professionals used to be in the compliance business. It was their role to guarantee the taxes or business forms were filed accurately and on time. With the advances in automation and compliance surety software, clients no longer need us to do this work for them. That means we must find other ways to support our clientele, to build trust and loyalty.

Though people aren’t buying compliance the way they used to, what they continue to buy is knowledge, expertise and planning. Accounting and tax professionals should hone and promote their advisory skills. Software is great for filling in forms. The accounting franchise program from PADGETT BUSINESS SERVICES® teaches you how to impact the number that’s going on the form.

PADGETT BUSINESS SERVICES® is not immune to the changes putting pressure on the fields of accounting and tax preparation, but we are outrunning them. Join the Business Growth Program for CPAs, EAs and other tax professionals, and you’ll remain more relevant than a narrowly focused tax preparation franchise or accounting franchise.

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